Leslie Christensen
Massage Therapy and Bodywork


I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped.   Here are some of them:

“Leslie is a miracle worker. When I was 45, I thought my sports playing days were over, with wear and tear along with various ortho injuries. I sought out her help, and was incredulous at the restoration of my body. Today, in my 60′s, I still play full court basketball along with any other sport I choose. Her techniques are diagnostic and effective, with gentle, intelligent methods unlike many practitioners of therapy. Leslie is definitely my life extender, and I have recommended her to many of my friends, including orthopedic surgeons and other doctors.” — David Arscott – Austin, TX

“Leslie has been my massage therapist in Austin for 19+ years. I schedule an appointment whenever I am in town. I have followed her from her first location (3 total locations) because she is the best at giving a wonderful, caring massage, and always finds the areas that really need attention. She has my unqualified endorsement.” — Myron Gant – College Station, TX

“My wife and I have been regular clients for over 6 years. Prior to discovering Leslie, we had each worked with a number of massage therapists, in Austin and other places, with variable results. It took only one appointment for me to realize that Leslie’s skill is exceptional. I am a multi-sport athlete who enjoys swimming, running, and cycling. I view massage therapy as an integral part of my sports/health routine. Occasionally, I have planned massages according to particular events, such as a grueling 100-mile bike ride that covered all of Austin’s major hills. The post-ride massage not only helped me recover; it gave me something to look forward to when the ride was most challenging. Thanks Leslie.” — Chuck McVey – Austin, TX

“Leslie is by far the most knowledgeable massage therapist I’ve encountered. In a lovely and relaxing setting, she provides a truly nurturing experience of body work.” — MaryJane Lamonte – Spicewood , TX

“Leslie’s blend of therapeutic massage and osteopathic work provides me with long-lasting relief from muscular tension and aches. My overall mobility and flexibility has greatly improved.” — George Wilcox – Austin, TX

“Leslie’s massage is the best I have ever had. The whole experience is so relaxing and enjoyable. There are times that I have gone to see her when my stress levels were really bothering me. When she knew this was my highest priority, the techniques that she used would provide me a stress release and an overall feeling of relaxation. When I had neck or back pain, she would concentrate on those areas and I would feel great when I left. I gladly recommend Leslie if you are interested in a really special experience.” – Suzanna McVey – Austin, TX

“Leslie is an amazing facilitator for healing with the light, on a deep and authentic level. She shares her unique blend of Reiki, energy and deep bodywork with an amazing humble and profound approach. Her divine connection radiates throughout her work and is life-enhancing and unforgettable.” — Jodi Whithers – Austin, TX

“Leslie is a gifted healer who continually updates her education and applies new techniques. She also educated her clients to take care of themselves as well as possible I would recommend her to anyone with back pain, stiffness, or related afflictions.”— Will Cain – Austin, TX

“I first met Leslie in 1990 when given a gift certificate for a massage for my birthday. Leslie impressed me, not only with her vast knowledge and skills, but more that I hadn’t realized that I carried pain everyday, and when removed- it made a HUGE difference! Since then, I have used Leslie regularly — she is able to find pain and stiffness and, with a variety of methods, release the muscles. To this day, every time I am amazed at how she masterfully (almost magically) releases the soreness without any discomfort to me. I have recommended Leslie to my family and friends, and know that whoever she touches is vastly improved!” — Cindy Margules – Austin, TX

“For almost ten years, Leslie has been keeping my back in good shape. Last year, when my shoulder was giving me trouble (torn rotator cuff and arthritis), I went for Physical Therapy for a couple of months. Not much improvement there. But with the work that Leslie has done, I’ve got a lot less pain and a lot more movement!” — Bobbie Kemp – Austin, TX

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