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Strain/Counterstrain is basically a positional release technique.

Here’s how it works: first, the therapist will find tender points. These are not trigger points as described in Dr. Travell’s work, but rather small zones of tense, tender edematous muscle and fascial tissue. What Jones found was that, by carefully exaggerating the abnormal body posture the muscles had taken on to give the client the most comfort, the client would spontaneously relax the muscles, thereby allowing the bones to go back into position without the need for heavy adjusting. 

Once the tender point is located, the therapist will find the position of comfort where at least 90 percent of the tenderness is gone. You will actually feel the tender tissue relax when the correct position is found. The treatment position is held for 90 seconds and then returned to neutral slowly, at which point the pain is gone or greatly reduced and that area of misalignment is corrected. 

Another osteopath, Dr. Arthur Lincoln Pauls, discovered this same ability of the body’s reflexes to self-correct, and called his work orthobionomy. Again, the work is non-forceful and indirect. As he described it, through the action of proprioceptive nerves, natural self-corrective reflexes are stimulated allowing the client to feel the release.

Jones describes exact areas of tender points and gives very specific directions for where the release will be found, while Pauls’ technique is a more fluid and intuitive approach to finding it. Having the experience of both systems has given me the best of both worlds when treating and relieving your pain.

This technique will be integrated with other advanced bodywork techniques.

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