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Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)

In the late 90’s, I was fortunate to be certified in Neuromuscular Therapy by Judith Delany, who had started teaching the practice under Paul St John. The two separated the work into two styles in 1989, with Judith’s version called “NMT American Version.” It is a thorough program of recovery from acute and chronic pain syndromes that utilizes specific massage techniques, flexibility, stretching and home care to eliminate the causes of most neuromuscular pain patterns. Judith’s work has grown with her collaboration with Dr. Leon Chaitow.

NMT addresses five areas that cause pain.

  1. Ischemia is a lack of blood supply to soft tissues, which can cause hypersensitivity to touch.
  2. Trigger Points and
  3. Highly irritated points in muscles that cause pain referral to other parts of the body.
  4. Nerve Compression or Entrapment can be caused by soft tissue, as well as cartilage or bone.
  5. Postural Distortion in the muscular system causes imbalances creating dysfunctional movement patterns. These faulty movement patterns create biomechanical dysfunction, for example poor lifting habits or poor posture at the computer.

Along with a thorough client history, a postural analysis is performed which helps indicate where the imbalances are in the system.

Emphasis is placed on eliminating trigger points through static pressure. It can be applied using fingers, knuckles or elbow. Once the trigger point is released, the pain pattern it had created is eliminated. Myofascial release is used to eliminate fascial binding of tissue. Soft tissue release is performed with gliding and elongating strokes sometimes with active participation of the client. Release is followed by active isolated stretching which reinforces the change. 

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 Please note that I use a number of modalities when treating for pain or muscle tightness.