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Myofascial Release


First one must understand what is fascia.  Actually one cannot seperate fascial from muscle.

Fascia is a densely interwoven system that surrounds and connects every single part of the human organism. Every nerve, muscle, bone, organ, artery, vein, spinal cord, brain, lungs is covered by this weblike substance, thus becoming one continuous structure. A French surgeon, using a micro camera was able to produce live images of fascia. What was once thought of as inert tissue is alive, fluid and changing. When it is in a healthy state it is elastic and flexible; however, that state can change due to physical trauma, scarring, inflammation, and emotional stress.

Research at the University of Heidleberg showed that the fascia can contract independent of muscular activity in reaction to stress. Fascia has receptors and nerve endings imbedded within. Whatever the stressor, the fascia will thicken, loosing its elasticity and its mechanical functionality in that area. These fascial restrictions affect our flexibility, stability and even balance. A myofascial restriction in one area can have a wide ranging effect throughout the system. These restrictions cause pain and dysfunction. Myofascial release is a clinically effective massage therapy for treating these restrictions.

There are various approaches to releasing the bound up fascia. The two main approaches are a direct release technique and an indirect release. I use both along with both active and passive treatments.

Direct Myofascial Release involves use of sustained force until the tissue is released. The therapist uses fingers, hands, knuckles, elbows and sinks in to a barrier, waits for the barrier to begin to melt and actively applies a stretching force to the tissue. This work is done slowly working through each layer to get down to the deepest area of restriction.

Indirect Myofascial Release uses a gentle stretching of the tissue with very light pressure and waiting for the fascia to slowly unwind until normalcy is restored.


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