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Sports Massage


Sports massage is used in a number of ways to increase athletic performance, flexibility and recovery. The simplest form is the Pre-Event Massage, which is stimulating and of short duration. Its purpose is to get the body ready for the exertion necessary to perform the event. It boosts circulation and increases flexibility.

Many athletes will get a Post-Event Massage within an hour or two of the event. This massage helps to normalize the tissues after heavy exertion. It increases circulation, which is helpful in the removal of toxins, and it helps relieve spasms and prevent soreness.

Serious athletes use Sports Massage between events to keep their performance development at its peak. This helps prevent injuries and enables harder, more consistent training.

Another very important use of Sports Massage is for help with resolving pain and its causes due to injury. Its purpose is to restore musculoskeletal balance throughout the entire body, relieving and or eliminating painful problems.

A good Sports Massage integrates a variety of techniques. There are various methods to address: for example, muscle strain. Some techniques are applied by the therapist, others require a joint effort between therapist and client. Clients can be taught to help themselves. One way would be to use a stretch out strap to enhance the body’s ability to regain proper length in the affected tissue.

While different sports activities require more from specific muscle groups, and these need attention, it is important to make sure that the entire body is balanced and in alignment. I recently had a client who had a really tight left hamstring. She had had numerous deep tissue sessions on the hamstring, yet it had not alleviated her problem. Upon examination, it was clear that the tight hamstring was coming from an alignment issue in her sacro-iliac area. Once this was addressed and the hamstring loosened, her problem was resolved.

If you’re like many of my clients who engage my massage therapy services for Sports Massage, you want more flexibility, endurance, muscle performance and let’s face it-less pain! Contact me by any of the methods on this site, and let’s set up an appointment and see what I can do for you.


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