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Pain Neutralization Technique  (PNT)

Stephen Kaufman, D.C., developed the Pain Neutralization Technique and started teaching it in 2006. This approach uses simple neurological reflexes to treat trigger ( tender ) points that are associated with pain patterns in the muscle itself as well as referred pain. With just light pressure using finger tips on these reflexes will shut off the pain signal instantly if the right area is being addressed. Once this happens the pressure is held for approximately 20 to 40 seconds. Once released the client many times will have no pain left in that area. Others may need four to six sessions to completely eliminate the trigger point.

Since there can be various causes creating the trigger point, there is more than one possible treatment placement. Areas used in treatment may include, Acupuncture points, Dermatomes(nerve root referral patterns), and Sclerotomes (pain referral from spinal joints, ligaments, or fascia becoming irritated or inflamed). While this may sound complicated, that actual experience of relief is simple and close to instantaneous.

This technique has truly enhanced my practice. Besides creating such a quick release, it is also very helpful for clients that can’t change positions easily, and those who have trouble with active participation in the process.


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Please note that I use a number of modalities when treating for pain or muscle tightness.