Leslie Christensen Massage Therapy and Bodywork

About Me

imageMy extensive background in massage therapy and advanced Bodywork began in 1980 at the New School of Massage in Sebastapol, California. I have been practicing massage in Austin since 1985. My therapeutic massage training includes Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Swedish, massage, Reiki, Orthopedic Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Muscle Energy Technique, Strain/Counterstrain,  and Pain Neutralization Technique.  With this background I am able to integrate these multiple approaches specifically to meet the needs of each person individually. 

I grew up in a small seaside village of Greenport  Long Island and received my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at State University of New York, Cortland, and Master’s in Education at Boston University.  After a brief stint teaching I spent 15 years developing programs and services for children and adults in the mental health and social service arena, first in Boston and then in California. While I loved the work, I missed the direct contact I experienced working with children.
It was during work on a grant to fund a comprehensive runaway system for Sonoma County California that I found myself exhausted, “tied up in knots”, and anxious over the looming deadline.  A friend gifted me with my first massage, and I came out of there with an amazing amount of energy, pain free, and with no anxiety.  While that amazing complete shift has not happened again, I feel it was a message from the universe. Finally a way to work directly with people again, this time to help them experience that sense of peace, quiet mind and relaxed body.
I have always enjoyed an active lifestyle, running ,swimming, gardening and hiking. I moved to Austin in 1983. In 1985 I was driving without a seat belt and a truck hit the passenger door, causing my upper body to be whiplashed onto the passenger seat. There was none to be found until I met two Physical therapists at the Lost Pines Physical therapy clinic. They used Muscle Energy Technique and Strain Counterstrain along with myofascial release and for the first time my body was able to start releasing the pain. I studied those techniques and worked part time at the PT clinic till it closed. 
It was the accident that started my journey of learning how to help people in pain for various reasons. Whether it be an auto injury, sports related pain, repetitive strain injury, or some other way someone ends up in pain, or with too much bodily tension, consider seeing me and start your own healing process.
Maintaining balance in life is very important to me.  I spend time with good friends, doing watercolor painting and drawing, reading good books, getting fresh air and exercise, meditating, and eating good healthy food. 


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